All of our services are for
travelers, clients, regions,
and Narita Airport.


Hoping to surpass
expectations of
all customers

We provide our heartfelt dedication to service to the users of Narita Airport in the form of travelers' insurance, foreign currency exchange and bus ticket vending machines.

Passenger Service Operation

Hoping to create a
fun and gorgeous

As an exclusive advertising agency of Narita Airport, we are tying travelers and companies with various advertisements to expand their business opportunities.

Advertisement and
Event Promotion Business

Hoping to contribute
the creation of an
and active

We support business using the buildings and land around Narita Airport, an international hub accommodating a constant flow of planes and travelers.

Real Estate and Vehicle
Leasing Business

We would like to provide
the best services and
safest possible quality.

Vending machines stocked with beverages and other items are installed in every Narita Airport terminal.

Beverage Sales

Promise of Greenport Agency

Narita Airport is the gateway to Japan.
The airport is a place where travelers and businesspeople of every type
-persons of different nationalities, ages, and sexual orientations-
come and go around the clock.

All of our services are for
"travelers," "clients," "regions,"
and Narita Airport.

As a member of the NAA Group,
Greenport Agency always delivers services from the customer's point of view.
We want everyone in the world to rate Narita Airport as
"the world's best airport."