Advertisement and Event Promotion Business


We totally support a broad array of event operations such as the planning and management of various events and ceremonies and campaign activities using WEB and SNS.

Event operated by GPA

As a house agency for Narita Airport, we have experts familiar with every detail of the airport propose optimum plans according to your purposes and requests.
They also propose events, exhibitions, website campaigns, and other promotion activities in other areas outside Narita Airport.

An example of an event

Flow from consultation to event planning and operation

1. Inquiry

We interview you to form an image of your event and gather details such as the date, place, and budget.

2. Planning

We propose an effective plan to achieve the goal based on the information we collect in the interview.

3. Progress management to implementation

After outlining the project, we help you carry out the event smoothly and reliably by managing the whole schedule, making arrangements for various applications, and so on.

4. Management of implementation

We carry out the event safely and smoothly by not only setting up a venue and staging, but operating and managing the event from beginning to end.

Please feel free to contact us if you are considering an advertisement project or event promotion at Narita Airport or any other domestic airport.

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