Currency Exchange

GPA currency exchange counters operated directly under the management of the Narita Airport corporate group. GPA counters within Narita Airport handle 34 currencies, more than any other currency exchange counters, making traveling more enjoyable and simpler.

GPA Currency Exchange Store
4 automatic currency exchange machines and 8 stores at Narita Airport.

Four automatic currency exchange machines and eight currency exchange stores are available at Narita Airport.

Exchange currency anywhere in Narita Airport.

Terminal 1
One store in the Departure Lobby in the South Wing, one store in the Departure Lobby in the North Wing, one store in the basement floor of the Central Building, one store in the passenger area after passport control
*Automatic currency purchasing machines in the Arrival Lobby in the Central Building and Arrival Lobby in the North Wing
Terminal 2
One store in the Departure Lobby, one store in the Arrival Lobby B
*Automatic currency purchasing machine in the Arrival Lobby
Terminal 3
One store in the Departure Lobby
*Automatic currency exchange machine in the passenger area after passport control

Currency Exchange Stores

Thirty-four world currencies exchanged for JPY

Thirty-four world currencies exchanged for JPY

Today's Exchange Rate

Request to Customers

To support our efforts to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing,
we ask customers who exchange currency in larger amounts to provide information.

When exchanging more than 100,000 JPY (up to 1 million JPY):

Please fill out your name and phone number (or flight number) in the entry column of the foreign currency exchange voucher or make a declaration.

When exchanging more than 1 million JPY:

(We may ask for your cooperation even when you exchange sums of less than 1 million JPY.)
Please enter the following information in the document we give you: Your name and address (as they appear in official documents); date of birth; statement vouching that you and your family members do not currently hold, and never have held, an important public position in a country other than Japan; the purpose of the exchange (including travel destinations, etc.); and your occupation.
(For confirmation of the above contents, we ask that you show your passport and an official document we can use to confirm your address. Note also that we will keep copies of them.)

In accordance with our provisions based on the revised Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds, the maximum amount of currency to be exchanged per day at one GPA currency exchange store by the same holder shall be within 5 million JPY. Also, as a result of confirmation of the above content, we may be unable to respond to your request for exchange. Thank you for your understanding.

* Handling of personal information
All personal information and copies of official documents provided will not be used for any purpose other than confirming transaction details, contacting you regarding transaction details, and complying with applicable laws and regulations.

Click here for more details on the handling of personal information


TEL:+81(0)4-7632-4757 (9:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 17:50, on weekdays)