Building Operating,
Real Estate, Car Leasing,
Out-Of-Store Sales

We mainly promote the effective use of the buildings and real estate of Narita Airport.

Building Operation

Airport-site Development Center Building 1, a facility we operate and manage, provides comfortable office space to meet the needs of your business at reasonable prices.

This 8-story steel-framed building is conveniently located two minutes away "Shibayama Chiyoda Station" on the Shibayama Railway line by foot and five minutes away from the Narita Airport passenger terminal buildings and cargo district by car.
A restaurant, conference rooms, locker rooms, ATMs, and parking lot are also equipped. Please feel free to contact us if you are considering moving in.

Effective Use of the Land around
Narita Airport

We contribute to the region by effectively utilizing the land around Narita Airport for the operation of parking lots and other facilities.

We operate and maintain plants for aircraft ground support vehicles and parking lots for employees and properly manage the maintenance of the land around Narita Airport by land management and surveys.
We also rent real estate and conduct brokerage works. If you are considering the operation of a business around Narita Airport or looking for rental properties for a logistics center or employee lodging, feel free to contact us.

Car Leasing, Out-Of-Store Sales

We lease and rent commercial vehicles and sell office supplies, office furniture, and various other goods.

Our vehicle leasing business provides a wide variety of vehicles from ordinary vehicles mainly used for business purposes to trucks and special vehicles. Reduce costs in your business by leasing from us.
We also sell various office supplies, office furniture, uniforms, and other items that will meet your needs as a customer.
We hope that our services will be used by both the companies within Narita Airport and the people in the area around the airport.