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Advertisement Sales

We make the best proposals to support your promotion activities and other needs as the top specialist in Narita Airport advertisement.

GPA knows everything about airport media.

As the exclusive advertising agency of Narita Airport, we will make optimal planning for your purposes and requests using all of the available media from wall advertisements and spot advertisement to digital signage advertisement both at Narita Airport and domestic airports in Japan.

Medium Recommendations

The Visitor Service Center in Terminal 1 at Narita Airport is a one-stop area where the increasing number of visitors to Japan can obtain information and services to help make their stay more comfortable and convenient. We have a large number of media that we recommend for inbound passenger traffic. Contact us for obligation-free information.

Promotion space
90,000 yen per day [Tax excluded]
PR campaigns
Approx. 18㎡
Furniture and rear wall digital signage available
40,000 yen per month [Tax excluded]
Digital signage
300,000 per month [Tax excluded] (One 15 second frame)
Cart Advertisement Digital Signage Advertisement Promotion Space Spot Advertisement Wall Advertisement

Wall Advertisement

Wall advertisements are one of the most impressive advertising media in Narita Airport by dint of their eye-catching effects

Spot Advertisement

Spot advertisements can be deployed in various ways to suit your target, purpose, and budget.

Digital Signage Advertisement

This advertising media reaches people everywhere in Narita Airport mainly via large screens at the departure lobbies.

Promotion Space

Promotion space advertising media communicates high-grade images in the unique atmosphere of an international airport.

Cart Advertisement

Cart advertisements have especially wide coverage among the various advertising media in place at Narita Airport.

Experience various media on-site at Narita Airport.

Advertisements of many kinds are experienced everywhere at Narita Airport. You can see them from a user's point of view in the departure lobbies, passages to the boarding gates, and wherever else you go.
We speedily coordinate schedules from consultations to site inspections and dispatch sales staff with encyclopedic knowledge of Narita Airport to attend to your needs. Please feel free to contact us.

Flow from consultation to advertisement posting


We interview you to collect information such as your advertising target and posting period.


We plan the best advertising media based on your request.

3Site inspection

You can visit Narita Airport to check the actual location of the advertisement media and see the media value first-hand.


After you decide to advertise with the advertising media we propose, we fully support you in the design review by the airport company, advertisement production, posting work application, etc.

Please feel free to contact us if you are considering an advertisement project or event promotion at Narita Airport or any other domestic airport.

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Wall Advertisement Wall Advertisement Wall Advertisement Spot Advertisement Spot Advertisement Digital Signage Advertisement Digital Signage Advertisement Promotion Space Promotion Space Cart Advertisement Cart Advertisement Cart Advertisement Cart Advertisement Cart Advertisement Cart Advertisement